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Lock Bumping Explained

In terms of security the majority of the time a person can expect, when leaving their home or office, to come back with contents, furnishings and valuables in Locks Change Hamiltonplace and safe. No matter how reassured anyone is or confident in their neighborhood or office security there is still a concern that locks and other security measures are in place.

In spite of all of the advancements made in locks and the security industries certain methods persist in foiling these protective devices and one of the most popular one is what is called lock bumping.


Lock bumping is said to be the process of opening a lock through the use of a bump key. A bump key is a specially cut and crafted key that when made can open all locks of the same kind. The technique involved in the making of these keys is using a file on an ordinary key and modifying it so that when it is inserted into an ordinary door lock it can be tapped making the internal cylinder pins bump up so that the door lock will open.


There are several countermeasures that can be taken to combat lock bumping such as locks that have trap pins that engage when a pin does not support it, thereby stopping up the cylinder of the lock.


Using registered or restricted keys are another effective way to help prevent lock bumping as they are more difficult to obtain since a person require permission to receive any blanks for them and therefore less likely to be copied.

Even if the locks you are using or purchasing are considered to be of high quality, unless countermeasures are taken by the lock company that designs them then these locks are at the same risk as any other lock.


When requiring a system of locks that are able to stop lock bumping there are many manufacturers that offer products with features such as in-line systems that come with a magnetic pin to prevent the lock bumping process, higher grade disc tumbler lock mechanisms, sidebars that must be aligned to a specific depth to allow pin movement and there are tests currently being performed on liquid gels to dampen the kinetic energy of someone attempting to bump a lock.

Most common house locks are susceptible to lock bumping.

In the United States lock bumping is illegal and the bump key is considered a tool for burglary. This is not a method that is new as locksmiths have been using it worldwide for years.


Lock bumping is a very serious and effective technique for breaking and entering since a person can enter without doing damage to the lock(s) or doors, drawing no notice, and disappearing with your valuables and other possessions you own. With identity theft on the rise these days this is also a concern to have with lock bumping and a thief entering your home or office unnoticed as they can make off with vital personal information long before it is ever noticed.


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