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High Security Lock Innovations

Locks Change Woodstock, Locksmiths are continually coming up with new locks that offer more and more security. Tasked with much more than simply Locks Change Woodstocklooking after locks around residential areas, they have also been commissioned to make locks for safes in banks, multinational corporations, presidential suits and more. At the same time they have had thousands of years during which to develop them further.

As such there are many highly innovative high security lock options available, that all answer specific needs and can offer high security in different ways.

Here are just a few:


The detector lock: The detector lock was a lock designed by locksmiths in answer to a challenge to build a lock that only its key could open. For many years it was believed to be completely infallible, working by detecting any attempt to pick it, and then jamming so that it could not be further tampered with. This not only made it very hard to pick, but also meant the owner would know that there lock had been tampered with upon returning home.


The protector lock: This lock was another locksmith’s answer to the detector lock. This one went one further by actually moving in response to pressure when people were attempting to pick it. This meant that the lock was transient and not in a fixed position making it very difficult to pick. Only a few lock picks in the world currently have the level of expertise necessary to pick this lock


Time lock: A time lock is a highly innovative solution to a popular problem. This problem was that many safes used combinations, but that criminals would capture the bank staff and force them to hand over the code. The time lock them meant that the lock would be permanently locked shut for a certain duration of time when triggered, making any torture attempts futile.


Crucifix lock: A lock is more or less secure depending on its number of possible combinations. The crucifix key provides many more combinations by having four times as many blades that form a cross shape when you look down on them from the end. This would make picking them incredibly difficult.


Digital locks: Digital locks are a highly secure type of lock that locksmiths have only recently started using. These require information to open which can be anything from a PIN to biometric data. Biometric data means things like a finger print or a retinal scan, and this is of course highly secure as it is impossible to fake or duplicate.

Locks Change Woodstock

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